Ladies Home Fellowship (“LHF”) is a Non-Denominational Christian Fellowship that exists to encourage and equip women through the study of God’s Word.  Every Thursday night women gather from all over the Inland Empire, High Desert, and Surrounding Areas for Worship, Bible Study and Fellowship.  In addition, LHF hosts several extra-curricular events throughout the year that offer more avenues for Friendship & Fellowship as well as generate opportunities for support/donations to Missions related activity.   We encourage you to step out in Faith and Courage to join us as we are growing together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!! We know that you will feel WELCOMED and LOVED!!          Ladies Home Fellowship = “Where it Always Feels like………Home”        
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             Reaching Our Generation & The Next One!!
            Teaching the Younger – so the Word of God
            will not be dishonored or maligned!! (Titus 2)


Free Audio Recordings of Previous Sessions

Curious of Just What You Will Hear??  or Missed a Session?? LHF records all  Thursday night sessions – listen to them again -OR-  for the first time if you missed it!!  Click here to listen for FREE!